Cisco Subscriber Registration Center Device Provisioning Registrar

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The Cisco Subscriber Registration Center (SRC) Device Provisioning Registrar (DPR) 2.0 makes it easier than ever for service providers to deploy high-speed data and voice-over-IP (VoIP) services over Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) cable modems, Digital Video Broadcasting/Digital Audio and Visual Council (DVB/DAVIC) digital set-top-boxes (DSTBs), and fixed wireless devices. Cisco SRC DPR builds intelligence on top of the Cisco Network Registrar Protocol Servers to allow service providers to automate the subscriber-provisioning process. Performance, scalability, and reliability were the design requirements behind this second-generation Cisco SRC product. In addition, Cisco SRC DPR includes a Java-based provisioning application programming interface (API), ensuring quick and seamless integration with customers existing and next-generation operations support systems (OSS).

Cisco SRC DPR is the first version of Cisco SRC designed for the streamlined provisioning of subscribers supporting both self-provisioning and pre-provisioning work-flows. Building on Cisco Network Registrar to customize and automate the provisioning of cable modems, Cisco SRC DPR provides genuinely intelligent device management. This can greatly reduce, or even eliminate, the costly truck-rolls and set the stage for a retail-driven market for customer-configured broadband services.

Cisco SRC DPR can scale to support the burgeoning number of subscribers who require support from even the largest of cable operators and service providers. There is no need to modify Cisco SRC as new services are introduced. It supports provisioning and intelligent device management for high-speed data, residential voice over IP (RVoIP), DOCSIS cable modems, DVB/DAVIC DSTBs and fixed- wireless devices automatically.

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