Cisco Service Path Analyzer

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Service Path Delivery for Next-Generation Services

Delivery of next-generation services requires a high-fidelity view of network topology and source/destination pairs, or service paths. Cisco Service Path Analyzer (SPA) provides a high-fidelity Layer 3 view through continuous monitoring of the IP control-plane. By listening to routing protocols and all related activity, Cisco SPA reconstructs the state of the network and its service paths, providing a representation of all Layer 3 components and paths in "network-time," the speed at which events are registered by the network itself.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Service owners can use Cisco SPA to quickly isolate the Layer 3 root-cause of service degradation and disruptions. Rapid remediation ensures a high quality service experience to the end user.
  • Network operators can proactively detect and isolate the causes of transient network disruptions,. and can prevent future service quality degradation.
  • Network engineers can quickly perform complex diagnosis and isolation of network instabilities, using advanced capabilities such as replaying the changes of the routing plane. This allows them to shrink mean time-to-repair (MTTR) which, in turn, reduces operating costs.
  • Network planners can use Cisco SPA trending and statistics to ensure optimal network operation.

Cisco SPA is a distributed scalable and sophisticated NMS solution, and is delivered on high-end Cisco appliances to assure quality, stability, and ease of deployment.

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