Cisco Prime Unified Provisioning Manager

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Accelerate Communications Provisioning


This product is being upgraded and replaced by Cisco Prime Collaboration.  Visit site for product details and documentation.

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Cisco Prime Unified Provisioning Manager

Brief overview of Cisco Prime Unified Provisioning Manager (4:40 min)

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Part of the Cisco Prime Unified Communications Management Suite and Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution, Cisco Prime Unified Provisioning Manager speeds initial implementation of Cisco Unified Communications.

In addition, it helps you reduce the complexity of ongoing operational provisioning and activation services for individual subscriber changes.

Provision More Efficiently

Cisco Prime Unified Provisioning Manager:

  • Simplifies activation services for full lifecycle management
  • Provides a consolidated view of subscribers across the organization
  • Manages subscriber services on Cisco Unified Communications infrastructure with policy-driven, business-level abstractions
  • Cuts initial deployment costs and errors by permitting reuse of defined configurations for new site or location deployments
  • Permits rollout of large numbers of subscribers at once with batch provisioning, avoiding inefficiency and repetition

Policy-driven, delegated management with Cisco Prime Unified Provisioning Manager helps save you money and staff time for network changes yet can help you retain management oversight.

Deliver Better Service

Increase subscriber satisfaction by simplifying provisioning and subscriber activation while retaining the overall ability to manage and provide services.

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Cisco Prime Unified Provisioning Manager

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