Cisco PACE Portal and Components

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Get Quick Access to Vital Network Information

Quickly access important information about the health of your network and act rapidly to rectify any problems with Cisco Proactive Automation of Change Execution (PACE) Portal and Components software. In addition to providing a set of tools and capabilities that enhance the benefits offered by PACE products, PACE Portal and Components provide a range of benefits from multivendor syslog-based alerting, to software adapters that integrate products within the PACE solution.

Cisco PACE Portal and Components provide a number of capabilities including:

  • Central dashboard that provides visibility across products within the PACE solution by aggregating information from the network about compliance, configuration changes, faults, and performance
  • Ability to monitor and report on distributed, multiserver deployments of PACE network configuration and change management (NCCM) offerings
  • Multivendor, scalable syslog alerting to monitor the health of enterprise networks

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