Cisco Network Planning Solution

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Network Planning and Design

Visualize network routing and performance behavior; perform “what-if” planning, design and troubleshooting; optimize network capacity and growth; and architect network resiliency and survivability.  The Cisco Network Planning Solution (NPS) is a powerful network modeling and simulation tool for automating these complex network planning and design tasks.

Cisco NPS:

  • Accurately models the network infrastructure for intelligent behavior analysis and visually presents traffic-flow simulations to:
    • Clarify routing dynamics, end-to-end connectivity, and security gaps
    • Show which traffic flows will be most affected by outages and where resulting slowdowns are likely to occur
    • Predict the effect of deploying new technologies, protocols, or hosted applications, including VPNs, VLANs, and voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Automates capacity planning, resilient link dimensioning, and topology design
  • Validates proposed network changes prior to deployment with a powerful rules-based engine that systematically checks the entire network model and diagnoses device misconfigurations, errors, policy violations, and inefficiencies
  • Automatically gathers and parses Cisco IOS Software and Cisco Catalyst OS configurations, pulls data from CiscoWorks Network Compliance Manager, Cisco NetFlow Collector, CiscoWorks Resource Manager Essentials (RME) and Campus Manager, Cisco Network Connectivity Center , and Cisco Info Center
  • Scores the network's readiness for VoIP deployment and provides design guidance
  • Performs automated IPv6 readiness assessment and migration planning
  • Cisco Network Planning Solution for Service Providers adds additional support for IPv6, MPLS, IS-IS, PNNI, and IOS-XR modeling and planning

Cisco NPS is a key component of the Cisco Network Application Performance Analysis (NAPA) solution, an innovative combination of sophisticated management tools and services from Cisco that provides IT management with a holistic view of the interaction between network resources and application performance. Customers can react quickly to high-priority application performance problems while proactively planning for changing network requirements. Cisco NPS provides powerful analysis tools for the planning and design phases of the network lifecycle.

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