Cisco Network Connectivity Center MPLS Manager

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Cisco Network Connectivity Center MPLS Manager delivers automated management of MPLS VPNs in the context of the surrounding IT infrastructure. It uses patented modeling and analysis technologies to correlate topology and events across transport, MPLS, and VPN domains and isolate the service-affecting faults that impact the MPLS VPN environment.

With Cisco Network Connectivity Center MPLS Manager, network operations personnel can work more efficiently with unified, easy-to-navigate views that show cross-domain relationships, including customers and their relationships to MPLS-based services. In addition, Cisco Network Connectivity Center MPLS Manager takes on a low administrative footprint with automation replacing arduous manual analysis and ongoing maintenance.

  • Autodiscovery and modeling of the complete MPLS VPN environment, including logical and physical objects and their relationships.
  • Network visualization of the MPLS network topology with dynamically updated views of the status of network elements.
  • Fault isolation to automatically pinpoint and isolate the real problems that can degrade services delivered by MPLS networks.
  • Impact analysis to assess the impact of underlying network problems on MPLS VPNs and the services they deliver.
  • Topology and event integration to correlate MPLS alarms and events across the surrounding IT environment.

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