Cisco Network Connectivity Center Business Impact Manager

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Cisco Network Connectivity Center Business Impact Manager works with other Cisco Network Connectivity Center modules to map the connections between infrastructure and application elements and the business services and customers they support, and calculates the impact of infrastructure and application problems on services, processes, and their users. This information helps organizations to prioritize the resolution of IT problems according to their business impact.

Cisco Network Connectivity Center Business Impact Manager performs the following functions:

  • Models business entities and their relationships to underlying infrastructure and applications
  • Calculates the business impact of IT problems.
  • Determines the infrastructure or application element associated with the root-cause problem as well as the elements associated with the problem's impacts. The association between the problem and its impacts is the result of the root cause and impact analysis of the underlying Cisco NCC modules.
  • Determines the business elements associated with each of the infrastructure and application elements.
  • Reads the weights assigned to the infrastructure, application, and business elements and calculates a value for impact.
  • Uses a built-in, automated mechanism to propagate impacts to affected business elements as discrete notifications that are related to the infrastructure or application events that triggered them.

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