Cisco Network Connectivity Center Business Dashboard

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The Cisco Network Connectivity Center Business Dashboard combines state-of-the-art display with intelligent analysis to offer a powerful new approach to business service management. It presents the real-time state of business-critical services and relates it to the health of the underlying infrastructure and applications, providing essential actionable information for sustaining service. With the Cisco Network Connectivity Center Business Dashboard, users across the organization can view the type and level of information that corresponds to their business roles.

Users can design their Cisco Network Connectivity Center Business Dashboard screens to deliver role-based views to every level of the business, across all layers of the IT environment. Examples include the following:

  • Executive-level views show real-time status of revenue-generating services and business processes, providing a summary of system status for business managers.
  • Real-time operational views give operations staff "at-a-glance" insight into the status of monitored elements and services.
  • Topology views show problems in the context of the entire IT environment. Users receive a detailed view of the business service that shows the health and status of related infrastructure, applications, and business components.

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