Cisco Home Agent Service Manager

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Manage Your Network End to End

The Cisco Home Agent Service Manager works in conjunction with the CiscoWorks desktop navigation user interface to perform provisioning and troubleshooting tasks for Cisco Home Agent modules and services. This set of tools also works with the CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution to provide an end-to-end management solution for Cisco Mobile Exchange networks.

Cisco Home Agent Service Manager offers:

  • A Web-based GUI for the creation, modification, and deletion of services within the Cisco Home Agent
  • An interactive troubleshooting dashboard to maintain high quality and uninterrupted Mobile IP services
  • Analysis of Cisco Home Agent configuration discrepancies within a defined grouping
  • Proactive flagging of questionable configurations to prevent service misconfigurations
  • Integration with the CiscoWorks desktop within CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution for easier execution and use within a central management console interface

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