Cisco CRS-1/IOS-XR Device Management 3.5.2

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Cisco CRS-1/IOS-XR device management, based on Cisco Active Network Abstraction ANA) software, is designed to help service providers and large enterprises efficiently manage Cisco CRS-1 4-slot, 8-slot, 16-slot, and Cisco XR12000 series routers running Cisco IOS XR Software.

Cisco CRS-1/IOS-XR device management provides a cost-effective solution based on Cisco ANA.

Key Features:

  • Device inventory
  • Device connectivity discovery
  • Device fault collection and forwarding
  • High availability
  • Northbound interface
  • Uniform device view
  • Customization tools
  • Distributed and scalable architecture
Further, it provides several prepackaged, custom professional services to build network management functions tailored to customers' specific network services offerings and operational needs.

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