Cisco Configuration Assurance Solution

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Automated Network Configuration Analysis

Perform automated network and security audit and analysis with the Cisco Configuration Assurance Solution (CAS). Cisco CAS gives network engineers and security managers a clear, up-to-date view of network configuration problems, security exposures, service resiliency, and policy noncompliance. Using a high-fidelity model of the network infrastructure that accurately simulates the behavior of multivendor routers, switches, and protocols, Cisco CAS performs a broad range of analyses to help customers comply with regulatory and IT requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Detects multivendor network configuration problems before they disrupt network operations using an extensive rules library with configurable rules
  • Verifies that network security policies have been implemented effectively using tests that:
    • Simulate unauthorized traffic flows in a virtual model of the production network
    • Identify security gaps and pinpoint misconfigured nodes that block valid connectivity
    • Inspect complex backup configurations across the network
  • Checks and reports compliance with industry and regulatory requirements
  • Supports key processes from popular IT governance frameworks
  • Automatically gathers and parses Cisco IOS Software and Cisco Catalyst OS configurations

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