Cisco CNS 2100 Series Intelligence Engine

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Cisco CNS 2100 Series Intelligence Engine

The Cisco CNS 2100 Series Intelligence Engine is a hardware appliance, supporting a suite of Cisco CNS products (intelligent agents), that function with device agents to create a programmable network. Cisco CNS extends the management plane of Cisco devices to a shared "programmable network" comprised of three functional areas:

  • Cisco CNS Intelligent Peer-Network provisioning and monitoring
  • Cisco CNS Intelligence Engines-Fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security (FCAPS) engines and a subscriber policy server tightly coupled with the device agents
  • Cisco CNS Integration Bus-Provides a single, open and programmatic interface to the entire network

The following Cisco CNS Family of products operate on the Cisco CNS 2100 Series Intelligent Engine:

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