CiscoWorks Wireless LAN Solution Engine (WLSE) Express

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Wireless LAN management for small- to mid-sized business and enterprise-branch deployments.

The CiscoWorks Wireless LAN Solution Engine Express (WLSE Express) is a complete solution for managing small to medium-office and enterprise branch-office autonomous Cisco Aironet WLANs.

CiscoWorks WLSE Express provides complete enterprise-class security and control in an integrated solution package. It uniquely provides AAA services to localize user authentication and provide WAN survivability for remote, branch-office WLAN deployments.

CiscoWorks WLSE Express is designed to fit the budgets of smaller organizations and the needs of enterprises looking to localize wireless security and management functions.

Features and Benefits:

  • All-in-one Cisco Aironet wireless LAN management and security
  • Reduces deployment and operating expenses
  • Simplifies daily operation and management of small to large-scale autonomous Cisco Aironet WLANs
  • Enhances network security:
    • Detects, locates, and mitigates rogue access points and unauthorized ad-hoc networks
    • Helps ensure the consistent application of security policies
  • Improves WLAN performance and availability:
    • Detects RF interference
    • Optimizes radio coverage and settings
    • Monitors performance and faults
  • Saves time and resources:
    • Automating the configuration of Cisco Aironet access points and bridges
    • Assisted site survey to determine optimal antenna selection and access point settings such as transmit power and channel selection
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