CiscoWorks Service Management Solution

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The Service Management Solution (SMS), part of the CiscoWorks family of products, provides a practical way to manage end-to-end SLAs between enterprises and internal or external service providers. SMS defines and monitors SLAs, specifying traffic type, endpoints, and thresholds against key parameters such as latency, packet loss, and jitter. SMS sets real-time traps allowing prompt detection and correction of possible service degradation. Open XML programming interfaces enable full management of service levels through easy integration with in-house or third-party analysis and provisioning systems

The following applications are included in SMS:

CiscoWorks Service Level Manager
SLM allows administrators to define and validate service-level agreements in terms common to those written into their Service Provider contract.

CiscoWorks CiscoView
Provides the common database, Web, and desktop services used to integrate with other Cisco and third- party tools.

CiscoWorks CD One
Provides a foundation of general data, web, and security services used to secure, launch and manage a wide range of CiscoWorks network management applications.

CiscoWorks Inventory Services Two CD
Allows collection of detailed inventory information relating to a Cisco device address, memory, firmware, software, chassis, and back plane. The Inventory tool on CD Two is a standalone application that is distributed exclusively as part of CiscoWorks bundles.

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