CiscoWorks Routed WAN Management Solution

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The CiscoWorks Routed WAN Management Solution extends the CiscoWorks product family, providing a collection of powerful enterprise management applications to configure, administer, and troubleshoot routed wide-area networks, thereby dramatically reducing their complexity. This suite of solution applications provides increased visibility into network behavior and quickly identifies performance bottlenecks that can impact short and long-term performance trends. It also provides sophisticated configuration tools to optimize bandwidth and utilization across critical WAN links in the network. The following applications are included in RWAN:

CiscoWorks Access Control List Manager
CiscoWorks Access Control List (ACL) Manager provides a Web interface to a set of applications that manage the access lists of Cisco devices in an enterprise network environment.

CiscoWorks Internetwork Performance Monitor
This tool empowers network engineers to proactively troubleshoot network performance to diagnose congestion and latency problems.

CiscoWorks Resource Manager Essentials
Delivers a powerful Web-based management solution for managing inventory, configuration and software updates in Cisco routers and switches.

CiscoWorks CiscoView
Provides the common database, Web, and desktop services used to integrate with other Cisco and third- party tools.

CiscoWorks Common Services
Provides a foundation of application infrastructure for all CiscoWorks applications to share a common model for data storage, login, user role definitions, access privileges, and security protocols, as well as navigation and launch management.

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