CiscoWorks Internetwork Performance Monitor

NOTE: This product is no longer being sold and might not be supported. View the End-of-Life Notice to learn:
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NOTE: This component is a part of the CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution Bundle and cannot be purchased separately. Please check the status of your CiscoWorks LMS Bundle Release to determine availability.

CiscoWorks Internetwork Performance Monitor (IPM) is a network troubleshooting application that gauges network response time and availability. It allows network administrators to proactively discover and address end-to-end network performance issues. Real-time and historical reports are used for network troubleshooting, helping administrators locate and diagnose congestion and latency problems.

CiscoWorks IPM is available as a component within the CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution (LMS).

IPM features include:

  • Continuous response time and latency monitoring between network device pairs
  • Monitoring and measurement of jitter to optimize IP communications
  • Cisco IP Service Level Agreement technology available in most Cisco IOS devices
  • Flexible threshold-crossing alerts
  • Comprehensive reporting based on response time, availability, and statistics
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