CiscoWorks Common Services Software

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NOTE: This component is a part of the CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution Bundle and cannot be purchased separately. Please check the status of your CiscoWorks LMS Bundle Release to determine availability.

CiscoWorks Common Services (CS) provides the foundation of application infrastructure for all existing CiscoWorks network management solutions to share a common model for data storage, user login, user role definitions, user access privileges, and security protocols. CiscoWorks CS defines a common navigation and launch model for applications that creates a standard user experience for all management functions, integration of CiscoWorks applications at multiple levels, and provides a basic infrastructure to integrate CiscoWorks with third party applications. CiscoWorks CS features include:

  • Device management credentials
  • Grouping services
  • Security interface
  • Process management
  • Backup and restoration capabilities
  • Job management
  • Event services
  • Licensing
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