CiscoWorks Blue SNA View

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CiscoWorks Blue SNA View provides an easy-to-use, Web interface that takes whatever information your end user can provide and quickly highlights the probable cause of an SNA problem.

Using its knowledge of your Virtual Telecommunications Access Method (VTAM), Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking (APPN), TN3270, Data-Link Switching (DLSw), and remote source-route bridging (RSRB) networks, SNA View presents a list of active and inactive SNA sessions that match search criteria. You can select from these sessions to receive a Web-based, color-coded view of all of the resources that are involved in the end-to-end connection. The likely cause of a session outage is highlighted with a red arrow that points to the resource icon. You can then select any of the resource icons to activate hotlinks to other diagnostic tools, such as CiscoWorks2000 and CiscoView for Cisco devices; CiscoWorks Blue Maps for DLSw, APPN, and RSRB sessions (for UNIX versions); the HTML interface to Tivoli for OS/390 for SNA resources; and TN3270 Monitor for TN3270 resources (for UNIX versions).

By quickly graphing the session connectivity and highlighting the likely cause of a session outage, SNA View lets you quickly troubleshoot SNA network problems, saving time and increasing availability.

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