Cisco Cable Troubleshooter Software

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As cable operators deploy new services and increase the complexity of the cable network, the challenge arises of detecting and solving problems before they affect customers. Technicians working in the field or in a network operation center (NOC) need tools to monitor, analyze, and diagnose problems in the cable plant and connected equipment.

Cisco Cable Troubleshooter provides a graphical, portable application for diagnosing an HFC network. This tool enables a radio frequency (RF) technician to quickly isolate plant and provisioning problems, as well as to characterize upstream and downstream trouble patterns. A technician can also identify "flapping" cable modems or set-top boxes---those experiencing persistent connectivity problems.

Cisco Cable Troubleshooter is part of the end-to-end Cisco solution for managing cable and multiservice networks. This solution also includes the Cisco Cable Manager product, which provides fault, performance, and configuration management for Cisco cable solutions. Both of these new products complement the CiscoWorks solution, which provides management capabilities for Cisco routers and the Cisco Subscriber Registration Center (CSRC) tool for provisioning cable modems.

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