Cisco Assurance Management Solution 1.0

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Enhanced service assurance and fault management

The Cisco Assurance Management Solution (AMS), integrated with the Cisco Active Network Abstraction (ANA) provides a next-generation platform and solution designed to overcome current problems associated with operations support systems (OSS) implementations such as disjointed infrastructures, high operating costs, human intensive deployments, and reliance on scarce implementation resources.

By leveraging the Cisco ANA platform and incorporating technology from the IBM Tivoli portfolio, Cisco AMS improves the management of IP-based services while dramatically reducing implementation and maintenance costs. Network devices and configurations can be easily changed and evolved without having to alter their service management and operations support systems applications.


  • Root cause analysis: Integrates with Cisco ANA to provide network fault visualization with real-time root-cause analysis
  • Simplified management: Leverages your existing investments by enabling management of data from multiple tools under a single console
  • Real-time management views: Provides operations staff and executives with “anytime, anywhere” access to device and network status, and actionable information
  • Investment protection: Packaged to facilitate incremental and transitional use of Cisco AMS functionality when integrated with Cisco ANA

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