Cisco Application Analysis Solution

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Rapidly Resolve Application Performance Problems

Create a visual and quantitative breakdown of the complex interactions among applications, servers, and networks to cost-effectively troubleshoot and deploy networked applications with the Cisco Application Analysis solution (AAS). Cisco AAS rapidly illustrates whether performance problems were caused by network or application issues.

Features and Benefits

  • Parses an application trace, analyzes it at the application message and network packet levels, and graphically details their interdependency
  • Identifies the root cause of a delay by breaking down multitier applications into component flows and automatically determining dependencies among application messages
  • Helps predict the impact of a proposed solution to an end-to-end application performance problem
  • Assesses the ability of the infrastructure to support new applications and projects the impact of increasing use of the application over time, as well as changes in the infrastructure topology and capacity
  • Supports application flow data from multiple sources, including Cisco Network Analysis Module (NAM) and lightweight capture agents
  • Facilitates the troubleshooting of intermittent problems through continuous packet capture
Cisco AAS is part of the Cisco Network Application Performance Analysis ( NAPA ) solution, an innovative combination of sophisticated management tools and services from Cisco Systems® which provide IT management with a holistic view of the interaction between network resources and application performance. Customers can react quickly to high-priority application performance problems while proactively planning for changing network requirements. Cisco AAS provides a detailed, quantitative understanding of the complex interactions among applications, servers, and networks that can be used in the planning and operations phases of the IT lifecycle.

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