Cisco CTE 1400 Series Content Transformation Engines

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The Cisco Content Transformation Engine provides enterprises with a high-performance, appliance-based solution that delivers back-end content to a variety of devices including Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and Cisco IP Phones. The Content Transformation Engine (CTE) is a 1 Rack Unit appliance optimized to perform the task of converting HTML and XML backend data to a format appropriate for devices with unique display requirements. In addition, the solution recognizes specific Web-enabled wireless devices such as Personal Digital Assistants (PDA's) and mobile and IP phones, and customizes the delivery of information to give users the right form of data, to optimize their Internet experience. Whether content is on the Internet or inside the Enterprise in Intranets and Extranets - you can enable mobile access by installing Cisco CTE 1400s in front of your content servers. Needed information is now in the palm of the hand providing the ability to work more effectively and efficiently.

Extend your Enterprise Content

With the CTE mobilizing enterprise content, you can access critical information while you are away from your desk. The CTE 1400 can be used to mobilize the following content:

  • Sales force automation-Price lists, sales dashboards, order status, shipment status
  • Service and support-Case queries, case updates, and support information.
  • Manufacturing and distribution-Real-time inventory management and factory-floor automation
  • Executives-Directory access, financial updates, and intranet access
  • Mobile workforce-Directory access, calendar, Critical enterprise applications for workers in the field in healthcare, transportation, government, and other industries
  • Mobile E-commerce-Consumer facing information like product specifications and sales, travel booking and entertainment

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