Cisco CSS 11150 Content Services Switch

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The Cisco CSS 11150 content services switch is a compact, high-performance solution for small- to medium-sized Web sites. Featuring Cisco Web Network Services (Web NS) software, the Cisco CSS 11150 enables Web and application service providers, Web content providers, and enterprises engaged in e-commerce to build global Web networks optimized for e-commerce transactions and Web content delivery. With its patented content switching technology, the Cisco CSS 11150 gives businesses maximum control in ensuring availability of their Web sites, securing Web site resources without compromising performance, and allocating Web site resources efficiently.

Running on the Cisco CSS 11150, Cisco Web NS software knows who the user is, what the user wants to do, and how best to service the user`s request within a global Web infrastructure. The Cisco CSS 11150 supports wire-speed flow forwarding between a client and a Web server, based on the requested content`s full URL, as well as user cookie and extensive resource verification information.

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