Cisco Application Performance Assurance Engine

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Per-User Control of Application Traffic

Customers today face a growing need to track application use, manage network bandwidth resources, identify and dispose of malicious and otherwise unwanted traffic, and prioritize mission-critical applications on a per-user basis. Unlike controlled Systems Network Architecture (SNA) environments, IP-based environments lack the structure to ensure appropriate application behavior. Mission-critical applications contend for available bandwidth with noncritical or unwanted applications, and many applications are subject to network latency and jitter that impede their ability to function properly.

Your IT department needs a solution that can prioritize application traffic and control the behavior of network traffic to ensure that the performance of each application reflects its importance to business operations. The Cisco Application Performance Assurance Engine fills that need, offering per-application, per-user control in a single appliance.

Features and Benefits

  • Identifies and classifies applications and protocols
  • Identifies network users and determines their application and network usage patterns (requires integration with existing authentication system)
  • Offers a variety of reports from 100 available templates to represent existing network traffic

The Cisco Application Performance Assurance Engine consists of the hardware appliance (CAM-APA-100); a software license for either view and report capability or view, report, and control capability; and the Application Performance Assurance Device Console (APADC), which provides integrated device management, reporting, and administration in a GUI-based application.

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