Automate and Simplify Agentless Job Scheduling

Extend the capabilities of Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler with Cisco Tidal Enterprise Adapters for Agentless Scheduling and automate agentless job scheduling for:

  • Remote Windows machines
  • Remote Linux and UNIX systems
  • Any Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol-enabled environment

Easily Define and Monitor Agentless Jobs

With an adapter for agentless job scheduling, you can use Tidal Enterprise Scheduler's visual interface to schedule agentless jobs the same way you schedule other jobs. You can easily define agentless jobs and integrate them into an existing enterprisewide job-scheduling architecture. You can also monitor agentless jobs along with all other jobs through the scheduler.

Use Agentless Scheduling as an Effective Option

Agentless job scheduling is an excellent option when execution of an external agent may cause problems, is impossible, or is disallowed by target applications.

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