Easily Schedule VMware Jobs

Simplify VMware job scheduling with Cisco Tidal Enterprise Adapter for VMware, software that works with Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler.

Virtual machine (VM) scheduling is difficult because processes have to run correctly each time despite the dynamic environment. The Cisco Tidal scheduler and this adapter form an effective VMware scheduler to meet that challenge:

  • You can define jobs that interpret the dynamic environment and automatically execute processes.
  • It supports jobs for managing VMs themselves, and jobs that form business processes (Figure 1).
  • You define and track VMware jobs through the Enterprise Scheduler along with other jobs, for a contextual view of VM scheduling.

This VMware scheduler advances the goal of deploying VMs in the first place, which is to increase efficiency.

Cisco Service Control Diagram
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Figure 1 Defining VMware Job Schedules as Part of a Broader Business Process

Use a Solution Built for VM Scheduling

This VMware scheduler handles more than basic VMware tasks, because it:

  • Schedules VMware ESX actions within Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler, eliminating manual intervention and reducing errors
  • Triggers actions based on ESX power and performance metrics
  • Integrates with VMware vCenter to increase workload automation
  • Incorporates and extends the VMware security model
  • Provides a single point of control for VMware jobs and other jobs

Optimize VMware Job Scheduling

Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler has a single interface for managing jobs and dependencies across the enterprise. You can take full advantage of its comprehensive functionality for all VMware jobs. This scheduler can eliminate multiple tools, manual intervention, lengthy resolution times, and costly management issues.

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