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Manage Enterprise Scheduler with Microsoft SCOM

Using Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler to manage enterprise schedules across platforms and applications means that you already have a comprehensive view of the enterprise jobs. Cisco Tidal Enterprise Adapter for SCOM (System Center Operations Manager) is effectively a software “management pack” that you add to your SCOM 2007 environment.

Increase Control of the Scheduling Environment

With this SCOM scheduling adapter, you can:

  • Get a full view and greater control of the scheduling environment from within SCOM 2007 itself
  • Easily keep Enterprise Scheduler and its connected data center elements working optimally
  • Monitor the scheduler, database, agents, and jobs that are running the business processes, all in the SCOM 2007 console

After you install this SCOM scheduling adapter in the SCOM 2007 environment, you can:

  • See SCOM 2007 health model maps, and all the core and extended components of the scheduling environment
  • Get information on the scheduler, database, and associated agents, for monitoring and service-level management
  • See jobs that have issues or that require operator intervention
  • Have an aggregate view that covers all the enterprise's scheduler

All the job schedule and performance information available through SCOM 2007 supports problem management through standard processes used by administration teams. This SCOM scheduling adapter gives you a single place for all metrics, which:

  • Helps the operations staff better manage resource use
  • Promotes higher service levels and proactive capacity management

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