Enterprise Adapter for SAP Simplifies SAP Scheduling

Cisco Tidal Enterprise Adapter for SAP is used with Tidal Enterprise Scheduler to simplify SAP job scheduling. You can visually schedule and manage SAP jobs in the context of all enterprise processes, which you cannot do with point solutions. This comprehensive solution for SAP job scheduling automatically executes complex workflows comprised of both SAP and non-SAP jobs without staff intervention. It increases the manageability and reliability of your applications because it gives you deep control and visibility into business processes. You can:

  • Optimize the performance of SAP jobs by setting dependencies with other platforms and programs
  • Gain a contextual understanding of SAP scheduling due to the broader enterprise view and context that becomes visible
  • Integrate SAP jobs with larger, centrally managed business process workflows quickly
  • Take advantage of Enterprise Scheduler features for managing jobs that touch SAP applications
  • Resolve problems and issues proactively using informative automated alerts

Improving SAP Scheduling

This solution supports SAP scheduling requirements. Major advantages of this solution are that no scripting or manual intervention is required for SAP job scheduling, and no changes to your SAP implementation are needed.

Once configured, you can define and maintain the details of SAP job schedules and performance from within Tidal Enterprise Scheduler. This SAP scheduling solution offers functions such as:

  • Extensive alerts on:
    • job abnormalities
    • unavailability of resources or machines
  • Real-time status information from a single console
  • The ability to interact with current and future jobs

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