Facilitate SAP BusinessObjects scheduling with Cisco Tidal Enterprise Adapter for SAP Business Objects. This software is an interface between Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler and the SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI) platform.

Schedule SAP BusinessObjects and Crystal Reports

With this adapter, you can define, launch, and monitor SAP Business-Objects tasks, including Crystal Reports scheduling, directly through the scheduler. You gain advanced scheduling functionality such as visual job definition, plus you can manage jobs in the context of all other enterprise jobs.

This SAP BusinessObjects scheduling solution:

  • Helps you perform a variety of tasks, including Crystal Reports scheduling
  • Provides comprehensive alert monitoring and notification
  • Supports scheduled and unscheduled jobs
  • Enforces security policies

Optimize SAP BusinessObjects Scheduling

This solution maintains the integrity and security of the SAP BusinessObjects environment, and offers greater function than native SAP job scheduling. With this adapter, IT staff can obtain the SAP BusinessObjects information and access required to schedule jobs through the Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler interface.

This SAP BusinessObjects scheduling solution also:

  • Simplifies tasks in many SAP BusinessObjects applications, such as automating delivery through better Crystal Reports scheduling
  • Delivers standardized, centralized, and scriptless scheduling for both simple and complex jobs, as well as tracking and alerting
  • Increases efficiency, reduces errors, and supports enterprise objectives
  • Helps IT staff focus on innovation and strategic initiatives

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