Easily Schedule PeopleSoft Enterprise Jobs

Simplify PeopleSoft Enterprise job scheduling with Cisco Tidal Enterprise Adapter for PeopleSoft Enterprise, a software option for Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler. This PeopleSoft scheduling solution helps you incorporate job steps from non-PeopleSoft applications or on machines that do not have PeopleSoft Enterprise installed.

Increase Efficiency and Cut Costs

This PeopleSoft scheduling solution reduces operational expenses and increases efficiency. It provides a single cross-platform, cross-application job scheduling solution for the enterprise, which is inherently more efficient than multiple point solutions with limited functionality.

This PeopleSoft Process Scheduler solution:

  • Interfaces with multiple PeopleSoft instances and environments
  • Provides PeopleSoft job status and supports interaction in real time
  • Uses real-time alert notification for PeopleSoft processing, machine, database, and job status problems
  • Increases security by validating users against users in the PeopleSoft database
  • Provides a single point of scheduling control

Optimize PeopleSoft Scheduling

This solution offers powerful automation, manageability, and reliability that improve PeopleSoft scheduling. You can visually create workflows and set dependencies to and from other programs, including external applications such as:

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Supply chain management (SCM)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)

PeopleSoft jobs become part of larger workflows, all managed from a single console. You can consolidate enterprise job scheduling and management to reduce expenses and staff effort and increase productivity.

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