Automate OS/400 Job Scheduling

Schedule OS/400 jobs directly through Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler with Cisco Tidal Enterprise Adapter for OS/400. This adapter helps you take advantage of Tidal Enterprise Scheduler functionality for defining and monitoring jobs.

Easily Manage Jobs in Complex Environments

You can manage and schedule OS/400 jobs in complex, heterogeneous environments with business workflows that cross diverse technologies. Cross-platform, cross-application dependencies, variables, and exceptions can be embedded into event- or time-based jobs or attached to native OS/400 jobs managed within Tidal Enterprise Scheduler.

Fully Benefit from Mainframe Investments

Being able to easily schedule OS/400 jobs in a heterogeneous context helps IT managers fully benefit from investments in mainframe infrastructures. As a result, your organization achieves:

  • Greater productivity and reliability
  • Reduced implementation and operational costs

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