Simplify Oracle E-Business Suite Job Scheduling

Simplify scheduling of Oracle E-Business jobs with Cisco Tidal Enterprise Adapter for Oracle E-Business Suite. This software works with Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler and helps you incorporate Oracle E-Business scheduling into the broader cross-platform, cross-application enterprise job scheduling environment.

This Oracle E-Business scheduling solution:

  • Reduces errors and pinpoints potential scheduling issues
  • Incorporates and manages unscheduled jobs submitted from multiple Oracle-defined jobs
  • Provides more extensive scheduling functionality than point solutions do

In addition, this Oracle E-Business scheduling solution:

  • Helps IT staff consistently follow best practices
  • Supports event-led processing
  • Monitors job status and output, providing automatic alerts
  • Provides comprehensive security and audit support
  • Offers a single point of control

Optimize Oracle E-Business Scheduling

This adapter is tightly integrated with Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler. Together, this solution offers capability beyond the Oracle native scheduler. It expands and extends Oracle E-Business workflows to other platforms and applications, and other instances of Oracle E-Business Suite.

By integrating Oracle functions with Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler queue management, this adapter:

  • Helps IT operations staff balance production and user-submitted jobs
  • Offers an enterprisewide scheduling solution and more advanced scheduling functionality than native Oracle technologies do

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