Automate Microsoft SQL Server Scheduling

Simplify and automate Microsoft SQL Server scheduling and job execution with Cisco Tidal Enterprise Adapter for Microsoft SQL Server DB. This software works with Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler. You can define any SQL Server job and its dependencies through the intuitive, visual, script-free scheduler interface. This solution also:

  • Helps define various task types such as direct SQL jobs, existing database jobs, and operating system commands
  • Provides real-time SQL job status information and helps staff interact with current and future jobs
  • Simplifies processing database events without requiring scripting or management of database triggers
  • Offers a single solution for SQL Server scheduling and other enterprise jobs

Unlike point tools, with this SQL Server scheduling solution, you can handle SQL Server jobs as part of broader enterprise schedules. Such contextual understanding of a SQL Server job helps you work quickly, decrease lag times, and reduce errors.

Optimize SQL Server Scheduling

This Cisco Tidal adapter increases throughput and reduces the time that complex SQL Server job sequences consume. These sequences include jobs that are maintenance related, are propelled from within Microsoft SQL, or originate in other parts of the enterprise.

This adapter increases efficiency by:

  • Eliminating the creation and management of scripts
  • Reducing the need for manual intervention by automating event and alert triggers
  • Saving time with out-of-the-box processing steps

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