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Simplify Java Job Scheduling

Simplify Java job scheduling with Cisco Tidal Enterprise Adapter for JMX. This software adapter works with Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler to help you schedule processes for Java-based applications.

Employ a Visual Interface

You can use the scheduler interface in the same visual way that you define and manage other jobs. This Java scheduling adapter exposes the applications' managed bean (MBean) attributes and operations to Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler. Then, through a visual interface, these elements can be used to manage scheduled and event-led activities for Java-based processes.

Optimize Java Job Scheduling

This adapter provides Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler integration for JMX. This integration creates a comprehensive Java job scheduler that simplifies and consolidates scheduling for Java-based applications. This software also delivers:

  • Event-led processing
  • Flexible monitoring and alerting
  • IT policy alignment
  • Security and audit capabilities

This Java job scheduler improves Java scheduling efficiency. From a staff perspective, it:

  • Reduces the need for manual intervention by automating event and alert triggers
  • Saves time with its "drag-and-drop" approach to job scheduling

From a business perspective, it makes complex processes more efficient because these processes can incorporate Java jobs and execute them transparently.

The efficiency and visibility that you gain through exceptional Java scheduling support important goals such as adherence to service-level agreements (SLAs).

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