Cisco Tidal Enterprise Adapter for Java Database Connectivity

JDBC Job Scheduling for Enterprises

Cisco Tidal Enterprise Adapter for Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is a software interface between Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler and JDBC job scheduling systems.

Use this adapter to put JDBC job scheduling in context with all other enterprise jobs directly through the enterprise scheduler without modifying the database management system. You simply use the familiar scheduler interface to launch, monitor, and control standard database processing such as SQL statements and stored procedures.

You can quickly identify and resolve job failures, incorporate multiple cross-application dependencies, and use process models, any of which can include JDBC-compliant databases. For example, you can use database events to trigger other scheduling activities such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) execution or data integration tasks.

By adding this adapter, you can use the scheduler central console to rapidly:

  • Integrate database processes into the wider environment
  • Create end-to-end workload automation
  • Reduce errors and increase resource efficiency.

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