Easily Schedule JD Edwards Jobs

Simplify JD Edwards scheduling with the Cisco Tidal Enterprise Adapter for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne/World. This software:

  • Works with Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler
  • Gives IT staff comprehensive job scheduling functionality
  • Delivers cross-platform, cross-application dependency support
  • Provides real-time interaction and centralized control

Unlike point solutions, this JD Edwards scheduling product helps IT operations staff manage all JD Edwards jobs within the context of broader enterprise schedules.

In addition, this JD Edwards scheduling solution can decrease errors and increase productivity through:

  • Universal workflow management
  • Event-led processing
  • Flexible monitoring and alerting
  • Support for IT policy alignment
  • Comprehensive security and audit capabilities

From a single console (Figure 1), you can track real-time job status, including critical JD Edwards processes. You can also access audit logs, override functions, and JD Edwards job history.

Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler
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Figure 1: Job Details Options in Cisco Tidal Enterprise Adapter for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne/World

Use Software Built for JD Edwards Scheduling

The Cisco Tidal adapter helps you define, launch, monitor, and control JD Edwards processes using Universal Batch Engine (UBE). UBE is then used to execute these processes. You can:

  • Resolve job failures
  • Incorporate multiple cross-application dependencies
  • Use process models for JD Edwards UBE programs

The adapter submits the predefined JD Edwards processes into the schedule and monitors the status of each process as it runs.

Modifications to the JD Edwards environment are unnecessary. This Cisco Tidal software uses both the UBE and APIs in the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne/World application suite. Therefore, the integration uses native JD Edwards function calls.

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