Enterprise Adapter for Informatica Simplifies Integrated ETL Scheduling

Cisco Tidal Enterprise Adapter for Informatica works with Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler to allow Informatica jobs to be scheduled and executed just like any other jobs within Tidal Enterprise Scheduler. Users schedule Informatica jobs directly through the Tidal script-free, graphical user interface. Users can define, launch and monitor Informatica processes for Informatica DataCenter or PowerMart environment.

This solution makes integrated ETL scheduling simpler, faster, and broader reaching. It also gives organizations the ability to consolidate all jobs onto a single, standardized job scheduling solution. Users can:

  • See exactly how Informatica jobs relate to broader data center processes
  • Improve job execution by managing cross-platform, cross-application dependencies
  • Gain real-time interaction and centralized control over jobs

Staff intervention for integrated ETL scheduling can be virtually eliminated. And, the automation, visibility and control over a broader context save time and reduce the risk of data errors.

Informatica data warehouse and integration solutions do provide a native Informatica scheduler , but the Informatica scheduler is not intended to be a standard for enterprise-wide scheduling, just for scheduling Informatica jobs. When integrated ETL scheduling includes jobs that cross a range of systems and applications, the Cisco solution is an excellent, proven solution.

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