Cisco Tidal Enterprise Adapter for HP Operations Center makes Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler and the business application processes it automates accessible through HP Operations Center ™. This solution provides HP Operations Center scheduler access that:

  • Increases operational coverage to include job scheduling
  • Supports corporate standards for consolidating all enterprise functions under one operations management system
  • Simplifies continuous mission critical workflow automation

Two-Way Job Scheduling Communication, One Solution

The adapter provides two-way communication between HP Operations Center and Tidal Enterprise Scheduler using HP's guaranteed messaging protocol, OPCMSG, which allows business process automation control through HP's Operations interface. Enabling HP Operations Center scheduler access this way means that from any machine running HP Operations Center, users can directly control job scheduling activities such as:

  • Start a Tidal Enterprise Scheduler job
  • View alerts
  • Stop and start agents
  • Perform workflow automation functions

When an abnormality is detected by the Tidal Enterprise Scheduler environment then all of its information is accessible to HP Operations Center for viewing and resolution.

Tidal Enterprise Adapter for HP Operations Center

Tidal Enterprise Scheduler users can choose from over 40 different event triggers to send alert notifications directly to the HP Operations Center console for centralized management of all job scheduling operations, effectively providing HP Operations Center scheduler accessibility.

Integration components provided with the adapter:

  • Application templates for accepting messages sent by Tidal Enterprise Scheduler
  • Message, Monitor, and Action templates
  • Templates for monitoring Tidal Enterprise Scheduler services

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