Integrate FTP, SFTP, FTPS Job Scheduling into Enterprise Scheduler

Cisco Tidal Enterprise Adapter for FTP makes FTP jobs easy to schedule, track, and manage. The adapter allows users to control FTP scheduling, SFTP scheduling, and FTPS scheduling directly through Tidal Enterprise Scheduler.

The scheduler's intuitive, visual interface for FTP scheduling, SFTP scheduling, and FTPS scheduling lets users put FTP jobs into the broader enterprise job schedule so that business processes that depend upon FTP jobs can execute seamlessly.

This adapter:

  • Uses SSH2 to support FTP scheduling, SFTP scheduling, and FTPS scheduling
  • Provides "script-free" visual scheduling, which is faster and easier than scripting, and reduces security exposure that is created by embedded user IDs and passwords used in scripts
  • Eliminates need for separate FTP scheduling tools
  • Provides a single point of control

A Single Point of Control for FTP, SFTP, and FTPS Scheduling

The adapter allows users to take full advantage of Tidal Enterprise Scheduler features for job scheduling, tracking, alerting and more. It allows FTP, SFTP, and FTPS jobs to be understood and managed in the context of business processes that can include various non-FTP jobs.

This comprehensive, visually driven solution for broad scale job scheduling automation eliminates the manual steps and scripting that can undermine service levels, IT spending, and even security.

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