Cognos Scheduling | Schedule Cognos Report with Tidal

Cisco Tidal Enterprise Adapter for Cognos lets users schedule Cognos jobs directly through Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler. Users can define, launch, and monitor Cognos jobs and integrate them with various jobs that run across the data center.

This solution is different from Cognos Scheduler. Because it is intended primarily for Cognos jobs, Cognos Scheduler is not an enterprise job scheduling and automation product. Unlike Cognos Scheduler, the Tidal scheduler is designed to be set as the standard scheduler for the enterprise and so it provides broad coverage, scalability, and a full scheduling feature set.

Built for Cognos

This adapter uses the Cognos BI web services application program interface (API) for a tighter agentless integration between Tidal Enterprise Scheduler and Cognos report and query execution than possible through scripting alone. It also offers:

  • Cognos Security Enforcement
  • Complete Cognos Job Tracking
  • Visual, script-free Cognos Job Scheduling

Optimizing ETL and BI

This solution simplifies how users create complex schedules, track, and manage ETL and BI workflows regardless of the number of job dependencies, systems, and applications involved.

Through ease-of-use and automation, this solution improves BI teams' control over the content in data warehouses and report delivery, which ultimately supports better business decisions.

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