Cisco ServiceGrid

Streamline Support and Govern Multi-sourcing

Cisco ServiceGrid is our integration platform in the cloud that provides a scalable, highly secure, and fast way to integrate with your support ecosystem for end-to-end processes and faster collaboration on support issues. Once connected to ServiceGrid you are able to integrate customers, providers and vendors quickly and easily to automate service processes while leveraging existing systems. You can manage your entire ecosystem with a central point of control to actively govern all aspects of service performance.

How to Manage Multisourced Service Delivery

How to Manage Multisourced Service Delivery

ServiceGrid enables automated support collaboration between multiple parties. (3.04 min)

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Manage Multisupplier Relationships

Manage Multisupplier Relationships

The impact of service integration and management (SIAM) in a hyperdistributed world. (PDF - 1.1 MB)

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Features and Capabilities

Improve Your Service Processes:

  • Seamlessly build and scale service ecosystems with end-to-end visibility
  • Remove silos: Integrate and manage multiple vendors, within the cloud
  • Automate processes using standard ITIL workflows
  • Enable immediate, accurate, and highly secure information exchanges
  • Increase transparency to better manage service-level agreements (SLAs) and vendors

Connect, Automate and Simplify Your Multisourced Ecosystem

  • Up to 27 percent faster mean time to resolve issues for better customer satisfaction
  • Achieve highest levels of service experience
  • Speed up time to market and improve agility through quick and standardized integration

Instant Collaboration with Cisco ServiceGrid Smart Bonding

Integrate your service management system with the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (Cisco TAC) to create, monitor, update and close Cisco service requests and RMA orders. Cisco ServiceGrid Smart Bonding creates a platform for instant collaboration to minimize network disruptions, speed up issue resolution, and enhance end-user satisfaction.

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Multi-Party Service Collaboration

Multi-Party Service Collaboration

Learn how ServiceGrid simplifies collaboration across your IT ecosystem. (PDF - 223 KB)

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Realize Greater Value from your Multisourced Ecosystem

Realize Greater Value from your Multisourced Ecosystem

How adopting service orchestration helps you to realize greater value from your multisourced ecosystem.

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ServiceGrid in Action

ServiceGrid in Action

See how Dimension Data accelerates customer service and satisfaction with ServiceGrid. (2.57 min)

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