Silver Certification

Retirement of Silver Certification

Silver Certification has retired and applications are no longer being accepted (effective April 1, 2015). All Silver Certified Partners anniversary dates after April 1, 2016 have been updated to an anniversary date of April 1, 2016.

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Silver Certification recognizes partners for their broad technical skills. Silver Certified partners must have achieved two qualified specializations. In addition, they have integrated Cisco Lifecycle Services into their offerings and demonstrated a measurably high level of customer satisfaction.

Partner Benefits

Cisco offers the Silver Certified Partner designation as a reward for loyalty to Cisco, for capabilities in providing value-added services, and for a commitment to customer success. This designation presents greater branding recognition and differentiation from Premier and Select Certifications.

With this level of certification, partners benefit from an increased level of support from Cisco, including access to best-in-class products and services, technical support, productivity tools, online training, marketing resources, and sales promotions. In addition to branding as a Cisco Silver Certified Partner, benefits of Cisco Silver Certification include:

Silver Certified Partners also enjoy access to many Cisco resources, including customer satisfaction best practices and tools, the Partner Education Connection, and Marketing Resources.

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Silver Certified Partners can:

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Certification and specialization is based on meeting all requirements within a given country, or country grouping where relevant. All applicants must agree to the Channel Partner Program Terms and Conditions which can be found in the Certification and Specialization Application (CSApp) tool during the application process.

Specialization Requirements

To achieve Silver Certification, a partner must have completed one of two options:

Note: An Advanced Technology Specialization option may not be combined with an Advanced Architecture Specialization within the same product family.

  • AC&W or AUA cannot be combined with Enterprise Networks Architecture
  • AUCT and AUFT cannot be combined with Data Center Architecture
  • AV cannot be combined with Collaboration Architecture
  • SPRT, SPMT, and SPOT cannot be combined with SP Architecture

Certified Role Requirements

Partner must have a minimum of 6 unique certified full-time employees:

  • minimum of two CCIEs
  • and no more than two Cisco Sales Experts (CSEs) can be counted toward the total

Support Requirements

Type Silver
Legal agreement Valid resale agreement or Indirect Channel Partner Agreement (ICPA) in place
Demonstration capabilities Demonstrate one specialization technology or solution
Customer service and call back 8x5 basis (8 hours a day, 5 days a week)
Escalation process Required
Call Back 1 hour
Support Lab Support lab equipment requirement for CSSP,SIS and RSA partners only
Pre-Sales Support Required
Post-Sales Support Requirements based on Partner Support Agreement

Customer Satisfaction Requirements

Participation in the Cisco partner customer satisfaction survey is required.
January measurement Provide 20 valid contacts/email addresses for current customers to receive a customer satisfaction survey.
July measurement Partner must enter follow-up activities in the PAL tool for all low scores received for the current fiscal year.
New Partner Certification* Participation in customer satisfaction activities at the first measurement after a full six months of attaining Silver certification (January or July measurement)
Existing Participation in both January and July measurement customer satisfaction activities

*The definition of "new" partner as it relates to the enforcement of the customer satisfaction requirement is a partner that has not been certified at any level within the previous six months.


Premier or Silver partners moving to Gold Certification must provide a minimum of 30 valid customer contact names/email addresses at the first January measurement period that occurs after a full six months of attaining Gold Certification.

Service Requirements

Service Attach Rate
New and Renewing Silver and Gold Certified Partners are required to have a minimum service attach rate of 40 percent during the four previous Cisco quarters. For partners who have not previously been Gold or Silver Certified, the Service Attach Rate requirement may be met by achieving a rate of 40 percent within the past 12 months.
Revenue from Services
New and Renewing Silver and Gold Partners must generate at least 15 percent of revenue from services during the two previous Cisco quarters. For example:
  • Total product revenue (from the networking products division) for the past two Cisco quarters
  • Total services revenue (from all services sold, including Cisco SMARTnet¨ and professional services)
Revenue from services must meet the following requirements:
  • The percentage of revenue from all services (includes all vendors, and does not have to be 100 percent Cisco specific) against the product revenue must be at least 15 percent
  • Partner must provide documented evidence that they have met or exceeded this requirement
Measurement must be specific to the division engaged in providing networking services or solutions in the country applying for certification

The service requirements apply to both Cisco Branded Services (CBR, Packaged Services, Pay-for-Performance) and Partner Branded Services (CSSP, Co-Brand, Collaborative Technical Services).

Before Silver or Gold Certification or re-certification is awarded, an independent firm conducts an audit in order to ensure that all program requirements have been met.

Note: Certification and specialization are based on meeting all requirements within a given country, or country grouping where relevant. All applicants must agree to the Channel Partner Program Terms and Conditions which can be found in the Certification and Specialization Application (CSApp) tool during the application process. All Certifications and Specializations must be renewed in CSApp every year.

A complete list of requirements including certified personnel may be found in the Audit and Policies Document.