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Get Certified with Cisco Select Certification

Cisco Select Certification recognizes and rewards partners that have achieved a Cisco Specialization. Cisco Select reflects a partner's technological and business expertise in a specific Cisco Technology.

Visit the Program Management and Application tool (formerly CSApp) to:

Apply or Renew

Continuous Learning for Specializations

Continuous Learning for Specializations

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Partner Benefits

With this entry-level certification, Select Certified Partners can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, and increase exposure to new customers. Select Certified Partners also benefit from additional support from Cisco, including:

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After you gain certification, you can:

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Become Certified:

  1. Become a Registered Partner and sign the Cisco Indirect Channel Partner Agreement (ICPA).
  2. Complete your company profile and align your employees to your company with their CSCO testing number in Partner Self-Service.
  3. Apply for your Specialization in the Program Management and Application tool (formerly CSApp)
  4. Apply for Select Certification using the Program Management and Application tool (formerly CSApp)
  5. Renew your Specializations and Certification every year by reapplying in the Program Management and Application tool (formerly CSApp)

For more information, view the Step-by-Step Guide for Select Certification.
Also see the Select Certified Partner Jump Start Plan (PDF - 1.09 MB)Adobe PDF file

Specialization Requirements

Select Certification requires:
Small and Midsized Business Specialization or any Express Specialization or Higher

Service and Support Requirements

Type Select
Legal agreement Valid resale agreement or Cisco Indirect Channel Partner Agreement (ICPA) in place
Service contract Partner must sell services related to Cisco product through distribution
Customer service and callback 8 hours a day, 5 days a week

Customer Satisfaction Requirements

Note: Participation in the Cisco partner customer satisfaction survey is required only if participating in VIP. VIP CSAT Requirements:

January measurement

Provide 10 valid contacts/email addresses for current customers to receive a customer satisfaction survey.

July measurement

Partner must enter follow-up activities in the PAL tool for all low scores received for the current fiscal year.

Certification and specialization are based on meeting all requirements within a given country, or country grouping where relevant. All applicants must agree to the Channel Partner Program Terms and Conditions which can be found in the Program Management and Application tool (formerly CSApp) during the application process. All certifications and specializations must be renewed in the tool every year.

Partners are required to remain in compliance at all times. Partners should notify Cisco within 30 days of any non-compliance or risk loss of any specialization or certification previously awarded without notice. Additional information regarding noncompliance may be found in the Audit and Policies Document.