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Cisco Premier Certification identifies and rewards partners who have attained specific specializations and met other requirements with differentiated benefits.

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Partner Benefits

Cisco Premier Certified Partners benefit from an increased level of support from Cisco, including access to best-in-class products and services, technical support, productivity tools, online training, and marketing resources. In addition to branding as a Cisco Premier Certified Partner, benefits of Premier Certification include:

Premier Certified Partners also enjoy access to many Cisco resources, including customer satisfaction best practices and tools, the Partner Education Connection, and Marketing Resources.

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After you gain certification, you can:

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Premier Certification Requirements Available April 1, 2015

Certification and specialization are based on meeting all requirements within a given country or a country grouping, where relevant. All applicants must agree to the Channel Partner Program Terms and Conditions. which can be found in the Program Management and Application tool (formerly CSApp) during the application process.

Specialization Requirements

To achieve Premier Certification, a partner must have one of the following specializations:

Hybrid IT Requirements

Applicants must be able to sell one Hybrid IT Service from the list below:

  • Cisco Cloud Service
  • Cisco Powered Cloud Service
  • Cisco Powered Managed Service
  • Cisco Based-Partner Created Service

Cisco Based Service Definitions:

Cisco Based Managed Service: An offer where the key features of the service are provided by Cisco device(s), or a network-based service is built on Cisco infrastructure AND the service includes monitoring and management of Cisco equipment owned or leased by the customer (Cisco endpoints or customer premises equipment).

Cisco Based Cloud Service: A cloud-based service built on Cisco reference architecture. Examples can be found in the Design Zone.

To sell a hybrid service, you will need to secure a provider contract(s) and ensure the following are in place:

  • End customer SLA
  • Marketing and/or technical description
  • Hybrid IT resale lifecycle management process

Hybrid IT Documents

Support Requirements

Type Premier
Legal agreement Valid resale agreement or Cisco Indirect Channel Partner Agreement (ICPA) in place
Demonstration capabilities Not required
Customer service 8 x 5
Escalation process Not required
Support lab Not required
Pre-Sales Support Required
Post-Sales Support Requirements based on Partner Support Agreement

Customer Satisfaction

Note: Participation in the Cisco partner customer satisfaction survey is required.

January measurement

Provide 10 valid contacts/email addresses for current customers to receive a customer satisfaction survey.

July measurement

Partner must enter follow-up activities in the PAL tool for all low scores received for the current fiscal year.

New Partner Certification*

Participation in customer satisfaction activities at the first measurement after a full twelve months of attaining Premier certification (January or July measurement)


Participation in both January and July measurement customer satisfaction activities

*The definition of "new" partner as it relates to the enforcement of the customer satisfaction requirement is a partner that has not been certified at any level within the previous six months.


Premier partners moving to Gold Certification must provide a minimum of 30 valid customer contact names/email addresses at the first January measurement period that occurs after a full six months of attaining Gold Certification.

How to Apply

  1. Your company must be a Registered Partner before applying for any specializations or certifications. Visit the Become a Registered Partner page if you are new to the Cisco Channel Partner Program and have not registered.
  2. In the Partner Self-Service (PSS) tool ,verify that the relevant certified individuals who will be fulfilling job roles are associated to your company with their Cisco (CSCO) testing number.*
  3. In the Program Management and Application tool (formerly CSApp), allocate the individuals who will be fulfilling specialization roles, then complete and submit the certification application.
    If you encounter any issues in the application or renewal process, please open a case at Customer Service Central (formerly Partner Relationship Team - PRT)

*Cisco typically receives exam results within five to 10 days from its respective testing agencies.

How to Renew Your Certification

You have 90 days prior to your certification anniversary date to begin the re-certification process. In the 90 days prior to your anniversary date, your status will change from Approved to Re-Cert in the Program Management and Application tool (formerly CSApp) online tool and you will receive a notification by e-mail. Once you verify that you are in compliance with current specialization requirements, please submit your application in the tool. You will not be able to submit your application unless all requirements are met.

If you encounter any issues in the application or renewal process, please open a case at Customer Service Central

Failure to submit a re-certification application 30 days after your anniversary date will result in loss of the certification.