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Global Resale Partner Program

While Gold, Premier, and Select certifications are awarded based on an organization's ability to support customers within a single country or Cisco-defined country grouping, the Cisco Global Resale Channel Program recognizes partners that have expertise in selling and supporting Cisco solutions across the globe or multiple countries. There are two certifications available: Multinational and Global.

Multinational Certification

Multinational Certification recognizes partners that have expertise in selling, deploying and supporting Cisco architectural solutions across multiple countries within a given Cisco GEO territory. A partner that achieves the required number of Premier and Gold Certifications within the GEO will be recognized as a Multinational Certified Partner for that GEO. To qualify, a partner must have a multinational resale agreement in place. Please contact your Cisco partner account manager for more information.

The Cisco Multinational Certification Program offers sub-regional certification options within GEO territories. The sub-regions allow a partner to choose specific areas in which they will hold the certifications to maintain multinational status.

The following represents the options for which a partner can maintain a multinational status. Each sub-region has a required number of Gold and Premier Certification badges which must be achieved and maintained in order to hold the Multinational status.


Global Certification

Global Certification recognizes partners with expertise and resources to plan, design, implement and operate Cisco networking solutions across the globe. To be Global Certified, a partner must have a global resale agreement and satisfy certification requirements across three continental regions as outlined below.

Evolved Global Certification


Global Commerce

The Cisco Global Commerce Specialization recognizes partners that have a global presence and proven capability in providing consistent commerce and product logistics services to global customers. This recognition is based on demonstrated practices and capabilities in global order management, invoicing, product delivery logistics, and negotiating global customer agreements.

As a Cisco Global Commerce Specialized Partner, you can maximize credibility with global customers by leveraging your global presence. (Note: Global Commerce Specialization is a prerequisite for Global Certification)

In order to apply for this specialization, partners must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Valid Global SI agreement
  • Qualify as one Gold Certified Partner per GEO territory
  • Have an established legal presence in a minimum of 20 countries

Global Commerce Specialized Partners

Multinational Specialized Partners