Authorized SP Video

Announcement: Retirement of the Cisco Authorized Service Provider Video Program

Announcement date: April 17, 2015

Last day for new partners to apply: July 17, 2015

Program End Date: May 1, 2016

The Cisco Authorized Service Provider Video Program is aimed at Cisco partners who want to broaden your video expertise, and work with Cisco to jointly expand the number of service providers that use Cisco video solutions. The goal is to build a mutually profitable partnership to address our customers' needs.

The Authorized Service Provider Video Program identifies, qualifies, trains, and helps enable Cisco channel partners to provide solution services for Cisco video solutions. By completing program requirements, partners demonstrate your competency in deploying this solution, and receive program benefits that include (but are not limited to):

  • Market differentiation as a recognized Cisco Service Provider Video Partner on the Cisco Partner Locator
  • Approved access to Cisco collaborative tools
  • Special discounts on specific SKUs for participating partners

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Cisco Authorized Service Provider Video Program Requirements

To attain Cisco Authorized Service Provider Video Partner status, partners must undergo the required training program and pass its mandatory exams.

The Cisco Authorized Service Provider Video Partner classification is available to partners in the following defined job roles:

  1. Account Manager (one individual)
  2. Systems Engineer (two Individuals)

Please note: Role sharing is permitted within this program. An account manager may also serve as a systems engineer. Role sharing rules for specialization do not apply to this program.

Account Manager

Responsible for Cisco SP Video sales methodology and customer engagement.

Format Cost (USD) Duration
Recommended Training
Format Cost (USD) Duration
Authorized SP Video - Account Manager Training - All Regions
$ 0 Online
Role sharing guidelines: One qualified individual may fill the account manager role and one of the system engineer roles.

Systems Engineer 1 and 2

Presales engineer responsible for video solution planning and design:

  • Possesses both business and technical skills
  • Understands customer business needs and issues, business process, and transformation

Please note that 2 individuals are required for Systems Engineer 1 and Systems Engineer 2

Format Cost (USD) Duration
# 650-665 Cisco SP Video Wireline and Cable Headend Design for SE (CSPWCHD) or: $ 65 60 min
#650-667 Cisco SP Video Cable Access Networks Design for SE (CSPVCAD) or: $ 65 60 min
#650-669 Cisco SP Video Digital Media Design for SE (CSPVDMD) $ 65 60 min
Recommended Training
Format Cost (USD) Duration
SP Video Phase 1 and 2: Authorized SP Video - Systems Engineer - Americas
$ 0 Online
SP Video Phase 1 and 2: Authorized SP Video - Systems Engineer - EMEAR
$ 0 Online
SP Video Phase 1 and 2: Authorized SP Video - Systems Engineer - APJC
$ 0 Online
SP Video Phase 2
Instructor-led Option
Contact NIL Contact NIL
SP Video Phase 3 Lab
Contact NIL Contact NIL
Role sharing guidelines: One systems engineer may also be an account manager. Two unique individuals must serve as systems engineers.

Cisco Authorized Service Provider Video Program Application Process

Please read below to determine your renewal or new partner application procedures.

Category 1: New partners to ASPVP
Category 2: Renewal

Category 1: New partners

  1. Work with your Cisco sponsor (channel account manager or systems engineer) to determine your eligibility for the program. Identify your requirement gaps, and create a development plan
  2. Complete new exams (1 - Account Manager and 2 - Systems Engineers as described on the program requirements tab). Please wait three to five days after passing your exams for Cisco tools to record your information in the system.
  3. Apply for the program through the Program Management and Application tool (formerly CSApp).
      a. Choose Access Program Application
      b. Select the Specialization Application tab
      c. Choose Cisco Authorized SP Video Program
  4. Satisfy program requirements to become eligible for participation.

Category 2 : Renewal

  1. Complete your program application by logging into the Certification and Specialization Application tool. After logging into the tool:
      a. Choose Access Program Application
      b. Select the Specialization Application tab
      c. Choose Cisco Authorized SP Video Program
  2. Satisfy the program requirements to become eligible for participation or renewal.

If you have questions regarding the requirements or the application process, please contact our Customer Service Central (formerly Partner Relationship Team - PRT).

To contact the Customer Service Central, dial your local # as listed below.

NOTE: For English language, Customer Service Central is 24 x 6, based on the Theater timings mentioned below.
US and Canada- M-F 5:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. PST
(Supported Languages: English)

1 800 553 NETS (1-800-553-6387)
1 800 GO CISCO

Asia Pacific - M-F 8:00 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. AEDT
(Supported Languages: English, Korean, Japanese, & Mandarin)

International Number from other countries: +61 2 8446 7466
Australia: 1-800-612452
China (North): 10-800-712-1728 (Not applicable for cell phones)
China (South & East): 10-800-120-1728
India: 000 800 440 1367
Japan: 006633 132537
Korea: 00798-14-800-7254
New Zealand: 0800-449882

Europe - M-F 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. GMT
(Supported Languages: English, French, & Spanish)

Europe: +32 (2) 704 5555
Germany: +32 (0)2 704 2500
France: 0800 770 400
Italy: 800 787 854
Austria: +32 (0)2 704 2500
+41 (0)44 878 92 00
or +41 (0)31 998 50 50
or +41 (0)22 999 92 00
Spain: 900 997 154
United Kingdom: 0800 404 7778

Promotions Description
OIP,SIP, TIP, Incentives Increase revenues by taking advantage of an incremental discount for hunting new opportunities ( OIP), building solutions ( SIP) or teaming with Cisco ( TIP) through the refreshed Cisco Authorized SP Video Program.
Tools Description
Cisco Interactive Showcase Sales Tool

Downloadable Version Off-site
Updated: June 9, 2012

The Cisco Interactive Showcase (CIS) is a set of online topic modules that replicate the 3-D Kaon demo units that you've seen at trade shows. Use this 3-D demonstration tool to deliver demos anywhere and anytime.
The downloadable version is recommended for instances when Internet access may be compromised. The streaming version provides access to most recent updates. For the streaming version click on the "Submit" button.
Demo Training WebEx Replay
Sell to SP mobile application PDF (PDF - 3.3 MB) This multi-platform app for smartphones and tablets increases productivity by providing mobile access to Cisco product information, training, services, and tools. Available to Cisco SP Signature Partners (previously SP Sell To Partners) with Cisco Advanced IP NGN Architecture Specialization, Authorized Service Provider Video or Mobile Internet Technology ATP designations.
Videoscape Partner Ready Presentation: Reinventing the TV Experience (PPTX - 6.1 MB) This scripted presentation helps you illustrate to Service Providers how Cisco is uniquely able to help them reinvent the television experience by uniting virtually infinite content and applications across managed or unmanaged networks and devices.
Resources Description
Authorized SP Video Program At-A-Glance PDF (PDF - 816 KB) Provides overview of video technology and Cisco's stratgey
Authorized SP Video Program Course Details PDF (PDF - 644 KB) Provides course details required for the Authorized SP Video Program
Authorized SP Video Program Overview Presentation PPTX (PPTX - 1.9 MB) High-level overview presentation of program and its benefits
Authorized SP Video Program Press Release Template Create a press release announcing your organization's accomplishments
Authorized SP Video Program Refresh:
Americas: recording , presentation
APJC: recording , presentation
EMEAR: recording, presentation
Learn about the Cisco Authorized Service Provider Video Program Refresh with an event recording and presentation specifically for your region.
Authorized SP Video Program Refresh Question and Answers PDF (PDF - 824 KB) Frequently asked questions
Authorized SP DCM Configurator TrainingPresentation PDF (PDF - 4.3 MB) and Q&A PDF (PDF - 49 KB). Learn about the New Cisco Digital Content Manager (DCM) online configurator. This video explains how to access and use this new tool which replaces the Excel configurator. The presentation and Q&A support the training session.
Authorized SP Video Ordering Guide PDF (PDF - 851 KB) Provides information on Direct Ordering with Cisco, Distribution and Authorized SP Video Program promotions.
Cable Access and Multiplatform Product Device Configuration on Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) Training recordings, documents Learn how you can use Cisco configuration tools on Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) for many of our configurable Cable Access and Multiplatform Device products.
Cisco Content Distribution Networks Analytics (CDN) training
Account Manager
System Engineer
Learn about the product genesis of CDN Analytics, its business value to account management, customers, and end-users by viewing the Account Manager training.
Learn about CDN's technology, which components are included, advantages and caveats, and examples of customer engagements by viewing the System Engineer training.
These trainings are optional (not required to meet the Cisco Authorized Service Provider Video Program (ASPVP) requirements).
Customer Service Central (formerly Partner Relationship Team - PRT) Off-site Direct support path for any partner issues

Return for Repair Return Materials Authorization (RMA) for Service Provider Video Technology Group (SPVTG) Products (formerly Scientific-Atlanta)

Learn about the updated RMA process. The channel partner webcast recording, and document PDF (PDF - 667 KB) include the return-for-repair process and how to win incremental business through the addition of a services offering. The customer-ready RMA Reference Guide offers information to help your customers experience a more simplified RMA process for Return for Repair service.
SP Video Product Portfolio Access the portfolio of SPVTG products
SP Video Technology Group Integration (SPVTG) - Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) Assemble to Order (ATO) model training for Cisco Professional Broadcast Receivers and Decoders and Cisco PowerVu Network Center (PNC) Control Systems: recordings, presentation Learn about the new Receiver and PNC ATO models for MPDBU, understand the product and how the ATO structures align to the product.