About Us - Inclusion & Diversity

Achieve More Together with Inclusion & Diversity

Learn how Cisco is harnessing the power of Inclusion and Diversity with its people, customers, and community.

Diverse People

Today's organizations face increasing demands for responsiveness, adaptability, innovation, speed, and responsible corporate citizenship. No organization can afford to dismiss the potential benefits of having a diverse and inclusive culture.

So for Cisco, building an inclusive and diverse organization is an ongoing and essential business imperative. We truly believe it is our responsibility to:

  • Empower our teams
  • Eliminate biases
  • Create an environment where everyone feels welcomed, valued, respected, and heardSM*

Our Commitment

We aim to provide employees with all the resources, programs, and training necessary to achieve our business goals. We want to give everyone an opportunity to operate at their best selves, and provide our customers with the best and most innovative products and services.

How We Are Structured

By partnering with our business leaders, human resource organizations, and key stakeholders and constituents, we have built a holistic diversity framework that is embedded in every part of Cisco. We have constructed an Inclusion and Diversity Coalition, a global team that advises and supports Cisco executives at the function and region level. Along with established inclusion and diversity ambassadors, it includes advocates in the field. The team helps to accelerate program execution by reinforcing inclusion and diversity communication and expectations.

*Welcomed, valued, respected and heard is a service mark of Jennifer Brown Consulting, LLC.


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