Creating a Sustainable Inclusion & Diversity Strategy

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Creating a Sustainable Inclusion & Diversity Strategy

If you are considering deploying a new Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) program or revitalizing an existing one, it seems logical to create a unique diversity strategy. This paper will make the case for a different approach; one that utilizes the strengths of your company. By examining your corporate three-to-five-year goals and enhancing or building an I&D effort that directly supports them, you can create an I&D strategy that aligns with what your company is trying to achieve, and is not seen as a separate initiative.

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Use these free, turnkey tools and templates to help you build or enhance your company’s inclusion and diversity strategy.

Cisco Inclusion and Diversity Video
This video provides an example of how Cisco integrated inclusion and diversity in to the global Human Network campaign.
Free Download (FLV - 7mb)

Global I&D Symposium Agenda
Learn how Cisco brought together employees around the world to participate in a day long educational session while incurring no travel costs. View the symposium objectives, agenda and video clips.
Free Download (PDF - 454kb)

How to Create A VSE
This educational presentation offers step-by-step guidance to build and communicate your vision, strategy and execution plan for inclusion and diversity.
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I&D Maturity Model
Aligning inclusion and diversity resources across organizations and geographies can be very challenging. This presentation outlines the approach Cisco took to achieve companywide alignment in support of inclusion and diversity.
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I&D Vendor List
Partnering with excellent vendors is a good way to extend the bandwidth of your team. Cisco utilizes various vendors to provide services such as benchmarking, consulting, training, marketing communications and more.
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Organizational Structure
Learn how to structure your global inclusion and diversity resources for maximum impact.
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Using Technology to Build A Culture of Inclusion
This scripted presentation details how Cisco integrated the use of technology to realize its inclusion and diversity vision.
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