Advocacy vs. Mentoring

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Allies 'Come Out'

LGBT Allies Are Changing the Face of Workplace Diversity and Inclusion, August 2012

This paper (sponsored by Alcoa and Cisco) argues that being an ally, which has traditionally been used in support of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBT) issues, could apply to all marginalized and unfairly treated groups at work. The writer suggests that applying LGBT ally references and Employee Resource Groups more broadly might lead to a coalition of allies that could bring about radical changes in creating more inclusive workplaces.

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Cisco Unifying Diversity - Are YOU an ally?

Advocacy vs. Mentoring

This paper outlines the power of advocacy programs compared with more traditional mentoring programs (in which candidates gain access to experience and knowledge of more senior colleagues).

As well as levelling-out the playing field for under-represented employee groups, advocates become vocal sponsors for their charges, facilitating stretch assignments, impacting pay, creating career traction, and opening doors.

The paper outlines the successful implementation and results of Cisco's Inclusive Advocacy Program.

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Use these free, turnkey tools and templates to help you build or enhance your company's advocacy program.

Inclusive Advocacy Program (IAP) At-A-Glance
Outline of the Cisco IAP program objectives, measurement of success, and process.
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IAP Overview
Main program points to develop internal awareness and support for the Cisco IAP program.
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IAP Advocate Role Model Profile
Key qualities needed to be a successful IAP Advocate.
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IAP Profile
A template for participants to create their advocacy program profile.
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Good Morning America Report

A video discussing how women can use advocates to break the glass ceiling Video