Technology Group - Corporate Strategy Office

We evaluate new technologies and shape them into the right fit for Cisco.

A key aim of the Corporate Technology Group (CTG) is to spot novel technologies and trends that will disrupt our business and shape the future of the industry. This identification effort draws on information from customers, Cisco executives, business units, industry think tanks and from CTG's experts. A major CTG identification effort is the Cisco Technology Radar Trends. CTG coordinates the efforts of 80+ globally positioned "scouts": a self-nominated volunteer team of enthusiasts unaffiliated with any function or business unit whose insights make possible this technology intelligence gathering. Senior Technology Leaders of the company, in the Fellow and Distinguished Engineer communities, are key contributors to this effort, which is complemented by other external intelligence inputs such as Academic, Venture Capitalists/Startup Communities, Industry Events or Patent Analysis, directly driven by CTG.

In order to accelerate and capture the value of the identified disruptions, CTG works closely with other functions of CTSO (Chief Technology and Strategy Officer) organization and the Technology Groups in Cisco Business Entities to partner, invest, acquire and integrate technologies. This includes reinforcing the business cases, and helping to ensure that the best choices are made to tailor to Cisco's business needs.

CTG is also deeply involved in shaping Cisco's technology strategy: this effort is driven in collaboration with business entities and CTSO strategy teams and aims to develop comprehensive technology strategies, particularly for the ones overarching different areas of the business and amplifying the technology message within CTO/Fellow/Distinguished Engineer communities, Corporate Strategy, Business Entities and Services.

CTG Technology Due Diligence function is an integral part of Cisco's M&A and strategic investment execution pipeline. In addition to accelerating technology strategies, CTG is also involved in scouting and identifying M&A and investment targets. To help to reduce execution risks for technology integration of new companies into Cisco, CTG team regularly performs risk assessments around technology, intellectual property, talent and engineering practice on target companies. CTG Open Source Due Diligence team members are also recognized experts and the go-to team in Open Source risk assessments and remediation planning during M&A execution.

CTG also sustain a close relationship with Cisco Innovation Centers across the world for incubation of new technology driven business models. These new models are developed by CTG bringing together academic research, start-ups, and industry partnerships. This process helps with the creation of technology and market transitions that drive sustainable growth and industry leadership for Cisco.

All this is only possible because of the group of highly skilled team of technology strategists that form the core of the organization: professionals with sound expertise across different areas ranging from Security through Mobility, Collaboration and Video, Big Data, IoT/IoE and Cloud; combined with vast knowledge and experience in supporting numerous M&A and investments deals, this team is at the forefront of identifying, incubating and capturing strategic value from disruptive technology trends.